Mapping to Kantara Initiative’s Trust Framework


In the Fall of 2017, The Kantara Initiative and Identity Ecosystem Steering Group collaborated on a mapping between our two frameworks and the results are published in the attached documents. Below is a description of our work together.

Background, Context and Purpose

IDESG and KI are respected members of the personal identity and privacy community that spans a range of like-minded organizations which strive for a fairer and safer identity ecosystem to support the digital economy.

The organizations share much in terms of goals, purpose and intent while maintaining their individual organization’s focus. We are all strengthened by unity while maintaining our individual niches, paths and a purpose that differentiates us in pursuit of that ‘big picture’ greater good.

The organizations have a track record of collaboration. KI was the first organization to enter into a formal Liaison Agreement with IDESG and until 2017, was the only Liaison Agreement that IDESG had entered into. IDESG and KI intend to deepen the existing relationship through a collaboration on the organizations’ respective identity assurance conformance assessment programs.

Over the past 12 months, IDESG has undertaken a mapping of the IDESG Baseline Requirements confirmed in the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) to the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework Service Assessment Criteria (SACs) with a view to allowing third-party-assessed, Kantara-approved CSPs and Component providers to be partially conformant to the IDEF by virtue of such approval. This has mutual benefit to both organizations – on the one hand, adding more value to the Kantara scheme for its participants, and on the other, adding more self-attested registrants to the IDEF.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to formally recognize the concept and operation whereby Approved CSPs and/or Component providers thereof under the Kantara IA Program can be onboarded onto the IDESG self-attested Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) Registry program and trusted as conformant with a declared confirmed subset of the IDEF Baseline Requirements, delisted when compliance in Kantara expires, together with the associated lifecycle management and promotion of the activity to be known as ‘the Identity Ecosystem Partnership’.

Please download the mapping documents here in .doc or .pdf to read further about the collaboration and the specific mapping between each trust framework.