Apply – Step 2: Assess the Service’s Compliance with the IDEF Baseline Requirements

Review the Baseline Requirements.  They are divided into four key areas – Privacy, Security, Interoperability and Usability based on the NSTIC principles.  The Requirements apply to most but not all of the roles and core operations. Requirements that do not apply (as determined by Kantara’s IDEF Working Group) will not be visible on the Form. However, you also have the option to indicate that a requirement does not apply for your service.

To satisfy the NSTIC – and pass muster with the Kantara IDEF Working Group’s high standards – all identity solutions must be:

For each requirement the person assessing will need to determine the service’s level of implementation and thus compliance. For each requirement there are 5 possible statuses and then also a Comments field to give more detail.

  • Fully Implemented
  •  Implementation Underway
  • Under Consideration
  • Not Under Consideration
  • Not Applicable


You are ready to register your service in Step 3.