Relying Parties



The Identity Ecosystem depends not only upon policy makers, industry organizations, Trust Framework Providers and individuals, but also upon those issuing and consuming the actual credentials. As a Relying Party, you want to drive business value (e.g., increase utility, provide a better user experience, and reduce fraud). By participating in Kantara and attesting to the IDEF, you are able to demonstrate to individuals that your organization stands by the very best principles in online identity management. As a Relying Party, your insight into the privacy and security problems facing your organization is critical for helping us create a more perfect Identity Ecosystem.

Similarly, some Relying Parties may feel overwhelmed by all the security, privacy and compliance challenges involved in participating in burgeoning the Identity Ecosystem. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Let our subject matter experts be your Identity C-suite-in-a-box and help you to identify the best practices and tools that will work for your organization. With the IDESG, you never have to approach online identity management alone.

By qualifying for listing in the IDEF Registry, Service Providers and Relying Parties gain:

  • Risk reduction through the clarification of duties offered by the IDEF Baseline Requirements;
  • Competitive differentiation from parties not listed in the IDEF Registry;
  • Marketing exposure to IDEF Registry Users;
  • Identification of potential joint offerings and collaborations with other Service Providers;
  • Reputation enhancement for online policy leadership and customer care innovation;
  • Permission to reference their listing as listed Identity Service Provider in advertising and promotional materials; and
  • Benefit of timely access to IDEF Working Group discussions and writings into emerging customer needs and market trends as reflected in the IDEF WG and discussion forums.